C5K week 5 - 7


Not been very good since my last post on previous page, Friday had to pick hubby up so didn't jog and on Sunday we slept in (it was Sunday) we didn't jog tonight but did go for a nice long walk.



Well started week 5 today, things are heating up, it involves 3 differents runs..lol I'm surprising myself, I've just completed run 1.


I have just completed run 2 and I'm amazed I've ran for 2 x 8 mins really amazed!


OMG Today the lady from C5K said we are going to run for 20mins, I thought yeah right BUT I have and I feel so chuffed with myself, :)



Back to shorter runs for this run and strangely I did struggle a little, so we will see how I get Sunday morning.


Building back up to longer runs again, today I've run for 2 x 10 mins but I did struggle a bit don't think I will be able to go any faster than what I do....watch this space...lol



ooops should have done 1 more run in week 6 but got a little confused and went straight for week 7 no wonder it nearly killed me....lol 25 mins jogging


Didn't manage a run this morning as had a really late night and had a lie in but did go for a long brisk walk.


Still on week 7 doing OK might need to stick with this for a while.


Week 7 again, not bad really 25 mins running.


I've been away this week and only managed to do one run, it has been so hot, that I couldn't have managed it. The heat made me so tired....lol


Well back in the swing of things and did a run tonight in the dark, I didn't do brilliantly as I was running on concrete but at least I attempted it and will try better on Wednesday,.. lol


Still doing week 7 I should try for week 8 really,,,lol. On concrete again but managed to do my full  25mins, so I'm pleased with that.


Still plodding along with week 7 but as it's am I did the part again but reversed my run and some of it was slightly uphill so even better.


Still with week 7 and did the reverse run again.


Still on week 7 but added 5 mins to the jog so ran for 30 mins, so a slight improvement and I really need to move on to week 8 but not sure.


Well no jogging this weekend but today we did a 10 mile walk and I really enjoyed it, went to the peak district.

Didn't run last week weather not good, I can't do cold and rain....lol but this morning


 I did run and it felt good so will aim for wednesday evening.


Not running as much as in the summer, did run this morning and will aim again for wednesday but I do think I'm ready to move on to week 8. :)


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